quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011

Disco Heaven PART 1 (2009)

Disco Heaven/ PART One  

Hey friends, let's get started this journey with my personal works, my SELF-PORTRAITS.
Hard to explain why I do this... hard to explain all my love for creating crazy "Scenarios".
All these photos were made with different kinds of paper, mettalic, shinny, simple, all mixed with mirror details. Usually I take a few weeks to get all done to start shooting, i can say with a remote all is much more easy, but getting the "pose with look" is really not easy thing to catch when I get always fascinated with this different room... giving me the feeling to dance, sing, pose, jump, and act act act act act...
Feel free to comment, hope you like, much as I love to make all this fantasy world, through my immagination.

Di. =)


#  Lose Control!

#  Still!!
# So Magnetic

# Energy
#  Disco On n On
#  My Disco Heaven

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