sábado, 25 de junho de 2011

DigitaL Space (2011)


Hey friends! How Long!!!
I'm Back to show you my latest invention... heheh Felt this energy for something "Outta this reality" ehehhe and then I see myself inside of something like a eletric Cake... hahah isn't that funny???!!!
I really love to spend time doing these things...
Workin with lasers was not an easy job to do... but the visual effects on my walls just made me jump and take lots of freaky photos... heheh
I AM... LASERBOY (again and mirrored) heheh....
Making the helmet was just HILLARIOUS... and inspired me to make the other mask...
the hardest part was really the top... took several hours, but always with lots of joy, of course heheh ;))))
DAMNnn in the end I'm fu**** happy with this!!! aushhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))
Hope you enjoy the results =)
ElectriC KisseS


         "  Put ThiS RecOrd On... "


                                                          " SynchroNizatIon "                                                    

 " Digital Flight"


" I aM... LASERBOY "                                    "GreEn flAshInG "
"Flashing Lines"

"So Electric"

"Feel my Orgasmic Beat"

" EGyPtricAl  daNce "

 " OuttA sPaCe "