domingo, 9 de outubro de 2011

Ballum! (2010) By Nuno Bernardo

By Nuno Bernardo

Friends, thank you for all your opinions in my posts =)
This is my new post for you today, a work with my always friend and fav photographer Nuno Bernardo, we made this work possible with more two very special girls
(they checked all lighting and made all bubbles... giant Bubbles for me... without you sweet Cris and Carla, all wasn't soo easy to get)  thank you!!! =)
 Believe, the bubbles were bigggggg and for several seconds I was inside bubbles =P, the splashing moment is really special... in my opinion.. heheh even being cold with all water in my body, all energy and good time made me forget all that =)
Take a look, what you think???

Love ya!!!!

By Nuno Bernardo

                                                                  "Calling"              " Rainbow Light"

                                                                                                     "Shot Of Water Love"


   "Faz-me Levitar"                 "Now You're Mine"

                                                     "Metamorphosis"                            "Rain On Me"

                                                                                              "Quando os Corpos se Cruzam"

                                                      "WAtercourse"                           "Only One Way"