domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

Wet Feelings and a Couch (2010)

Wet Feelings and a Couch

  Hey hotties! I'm back with more self-portraits, thank you for all your vibe in my page!
For this set, decided to play just with a couch and warm warm lights, with orangy and redish filters to       warm up the space... Hope you like!!! =)

      Hot Kiss!! Di.

Wet Feelings and a Couch

             "Want U Bad"

  "Wet Feelings"                                      "Take Me There"

"KiSs me in the Morning"

"Join the Team"

"Feel What I Feel"

"Smooth Touch"


              "Pleasure Seeker"             


                                        "Can't Escape"                          

"Make It Glamorous"