domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

BEACH VIBES: By Nuno Bernardo (2009)

Beach VIbes
By Nuno Bernardo

           Heyyy friends! How are you?!
  Here I am to show you more of my works. This time using a beach, very special for me, as background.
         Being inside water is one of the things I love the most, doing this set with Nuno as the photographer, was simple amazing moment. Felt so comfortable, all that great beach vibe passed through my body and soul.
          Hope you like the results as we loved to shoot them =).
       The photos were taken by Nuno Bernardo, and I as the model, and editor.

         Kisses!!!! =)

Beach Vibes

"Born to be Wild"

                                               "The Only Ones in Paradise"               " Caught in a Birght Whisper"

"Primitive Soul"

               "The Time is Now"                     "Catch me in your NetWork"

                                                                                         "Human Nature"


          "They Can't Stop Us"                            "Why should I be sad"


"Feel the Sun"