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ElectroNeo : Part Two (2012)

ElectroNeo: Part Two

My dears!!!! OLÁ!!!! Como estão??
So so much time I do not give you news, since first part of ElectroNeo... as i've promised you here is the second part. =) Reinvented all materials used in first, for background... and made moreee... =P
Damn was a bit hard cutting all fabrics in tiny tiny pieces... as you see in photos...
some people thought these were papers... is just fabric... 'cos would be more confortable to bodywarming... and less dangerous of cutting myself in in pointed bits of paper cutted...
WASSS A TREMENDOUSSSSSS TIME AND EXPERIENCE... first part was an entering of this flourescent world of mine... and second part... really made all sense for continuing what i've made before... and more dettailed... damnnn I'm happy.
Found others materials, very hallucinating lol... like the tent... very brightingwhite... tried in UV lighting for some coloring reaction... and VOILÁ.... =P abhahhah
I knoww.. I'm a bit nuts... but I'm so happy this way...
Hope you like it!!!! =)


"I don't want to awake up from this dream"

( Unrevealed One)

"Lets Make this time"




      "Explode"                                                              "RAD Van Fortuin"

"Aterrar nesta terra flourescente"                                         "Foguetão ULTRA-Sónico"

"Je Fixeert youw ogen op mij"                            ( UNRevealed One )

"Ik Zal Niet Stoppen"                                                                                 ( UNRevealed ONES )

"Pensamentos Eléctricos"                                           ( UNRevealed One )

" Desejo Ardente como Fogo"                           

"TAKE IT OFF Neonic Boy"

"Gelukkigen enen deze vannacht"                     "...É o momento, em que me dou; em que te dás"                         "Fantasy"

"RIDE my pony"

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