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ElectroNeo: Part One (2011)

ElectroNeo: Part One

Olá amigos!!! How are you??
A long time not posting news for you, but your waiting is over!! =)
Today I'll present you one of my latest works, this time just playin' with UV ligths, with just a minimal back light to cut the dark tone in my body due to the UV effects on colors. ;) So I've decided to work with fabric, just fabric and make-up... cutted all and made stripes with different sizes, painted them with different colors, flourescent colors and expecific to fabric and other materials, mixed some colors to give a different tone. =)

Damn Was really a hard hard work believe, sometimes just couldn't feel my hands, a consequence of using so much the scissors... the make up allucination came in the day when I was painting the hair heheh looked at my face and was missing something... ahhaah something quite masculine and crazy in same time... don't ya think? =)

Well now I'll leave you with the this crazy set all made by myself, and of course thinking and inspired by all of you my friends, my supporters! My love for you!! Thank you so so much for everything!!
Always in my heart!! Just let me thank you as well the 25,500 visits in my SPOT, really really surprising! Marvellous! YOU'RE SO LOVELY TO ME! =)

ElectroNeo: Part One

                                                                                          "After Dark"

"Let's Groove On"

"DanceFloor is Ours"            "A Freak Like Me"                 "Take It Down"

                                                                    "Break the Rules"

"Line Your Way To Emotion"                                                               "I Want More"

"PUMP your HeartBeat"                                        "DangerZOne"

                                                                               "Full ENergY"

                                                                               "Feel My ShockWave"

"Your Love"

                        (UN-REVEALED ONE)                                                        "Hooked On Your Spell"

                                                                              "Under Neon Lights"

                                                                  (UN-REVEALED ONE)


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