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Praise of Folly (O Elogio da Loucura) 2011

Praise of Folly (O Elogio da Loucura)
By Nuno Bernardo

Hey Amigos!!!!
Thank you so so much for all your beautiful, fantastic vibe in my Spot, I feel very honoured to share with you my crazy, special world... Praise of Folly was really one of my favorite works I've made with ma friend Nuno, well, being honest is hard to chose my fav... but this one for sure was such a special experience for me, playin with rabbit corpse (bought in supermarket) and blood (fake but tasty and realistic) and the mask... soo special for me, I love lambss ehheh =P
The wierd story behind the photos.... double face and soul, mixing of goulish feelings, innocense... good and evil, like... wolf inside a lamb skin =)
I know is quite hard...

Hope you love and hate... as I do ;)
Hot hot kisses...

(O Elogio da Loucura)

"Just a Sheep in the Bunch"                                                      "Exposed for Hunt"

"The way I spy on you"                             "Feeling Something in the Air"

"Through the Forest"

"All Eyes on You"                            "Smell of Death"

                                "Shoot Your Pain Away"                                     "Child's Mine"

"Praise OF Folly"

"Who framed the Bunny"

"O Elo"

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